Illuminate Your Brand: Headshots with a Charleston CEO 

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Getting Updated Branding Photography Taken

Headshots are such an important part of your image and brand with business. We recently had the pleasure of working with Dr. Gina Anderson, CEO of Luma Brighter Learning, for an amazing headshot event session! Here’s what Dr. Anderson had to say about her experience with Stephanie Selby Photography:

“Stephanie and her team brought a level of creativity to the shoot that far exceeded our expectations. With a deep understanding of my brand identity and the message we aimed to convey, she was able to craft visual stories that resonated with our audience. The unique angles, innovative compositions, and thoughtful use of lighting highlighted my brand in a new and engaging way.” 

At Stephanie Selby Photography, we aim to capture more than just images; we strive to reflect our client’s brand identity and vision. For Dr. Anderson, this meant creating headshots that showcased her professionalism and Luma Brighter Learning’s innovative and fun approach to education.

Throughout the shoot, we collaborated closely with Dr. Anderson to ensure that every detail reflected her personality and the genius that is Luma Brighter Learning. From selecting backdrops to experimenting with angles and expressions, each decision aimed to capture authentic and compelling portraits.

Dr. Anderson’s feedback reaffirms our commitment to understanding our clients’ stories and bringing them to life through photography. We are always grateful for the opportunity to work with visionary leaders like Dr. Anderson and look forward to continuing to partner with those making a positive impact in their fields. Thank you, Dr. Anderson, for inspiring us with your dedication to excellence and innovation. 

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