A Style Guide to Family Photoshoot Attire in Charleston, SC

Coordinating Family Photoshoot Attire

Capturing timeless family moments in the picturesque backdrop of Charleston, South Carolina, requires more than just a skilled photographer; it demands careful consideration of your family’s attire. The vibrant colors, historic charm, and coastal beauty of Charleston provide the perfect setting for a memorable family photo shoot. To ensure your family looks cohesive and fabulous, follow these tips on deciding what to wear for your family photoshoot in Charleston.

Embrace the Charleston Vibe:
Charleston is known for its southern charm and warm hospitality. Consider incorporating this into your family’s attire by choosing outfits that reflect a classic and timeless style. Soft pastels, seersucker, and light linens are perfect choices that complement the city’s historic atmosphere.

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portrait photography Charleston, Charleston photographer, family photoshoot in Charleston

Coordinate, Don’t Match:
Gone are the days of everyone wearing the same color or pattern. Instead, opt for a coordinated color palette that complements the surroundings. Choose a couple of main colors and mix in neutrals. For example, soft blues, greens, and whites can create a fresh and cohesive look against Charleston’s vibrant scenery.

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Consider the Season:
Charleston experiences a mild climate, but the seasons can influence your choice of clothing. Light and breathable fabrics are ideal for warmer months, while layered looks with sweaters or scarves work well during cooler seasons. Additionally, be mindful of the flora and fauna in each season, as your attire can either blend in or contrast with the natural surroundings.

Dress for the Location:
Charleston offers a variety of backdrops, from historic cobblestone streets to lush gardens and waterfront views. Choose outfits that complement the location where you’ll be photographed. For example, flowy dresses and khaki pants work well in a garden setting, while more formal attire may be suitable for a downtown Charleston backdrop.

Add Texture and Layers:
Texture adds visual interest to photographs. Consider incorporating different textures like lace, knit, or denim into your family’s outfits. Layers can also add depth and dimension, especially during cooler seasons. A stylish jacket, cardigan, or accessories can elevate the overall look.

Avoid Distracting Patterns:
While patterns can add personality, avoid overly busy or distracting prints that might take attention away from your family’s faces. Opt for subtle patterns or solid colors that complement each other. This ensures that the focus remains on the connection between family members.

Pay Attention to Footwear:
Charleston’s cobblestone streets and unpredictable weather call for practical yet stylish footwear. Consider comfortable shoes that match your chosen attire and the location of your photoshoot. Avoid new or uncomfortable shoes, as they might distract from the natural and relaxed vibe you want to convey.

Selecting the perfect attire for a family photoshoot in Charleston involves balancing style, coordination, and consideration for the surroundings. By embracing the city’s charm and paying attention to details like color palette, texture, and location, your family will be well-prepared to capture beautiful and timeless memories against the backdrop of this historic and picturesque southern gem. If you want details about family photography services offered by Stephanie Selby Photography, contact us using our online form. Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram.

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