Headshots for a Professional Podcaster

Photographing a Successful Podcaster & Producer

Meet the amazing Jenifer Faison! Jenifer is the Host & Producer behind the true-crime podcast, Betrayal. Jenifer tells her listeners in season 1 the true story behind the betrayal and deceit she discovered from her marriage with her college sweetheart. Betrayal has been so successful that Hulu picked it up and they recently finished filming a docu-series, set to air July 11th! This is when Jenifer came to us — she needed some fresh new headshots to use for the promotions of the new show.

We absolutely loved doing this custom session for Jenifer. She was so open in sharing her story, plus, she rocked the wardrobe game!

It was truly an honor to work with this podcaster, hear her story, and see her courage! We cannot wait to see her star in the docu-series, and hope that everyone else tunes in! Contact us today to schedule your professional headshots in Charleston and the surrounding areas, and don’t forget to follow along on Instagram.

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