Showcase Your High School Senior Year Across Charleston’s Diverse Backdrops


At Stephanie Selby Photography our senior sessions are all about authenticity and celebrating the individuality of each senior we work with. Stephanie Selby Photography loves to accompany you on your senior year adventure, capturing your essence against the backdrop of Charleston’s charming neighborhoods and scenic landscapes. 

Charleston offers a variety of locations to create the perfect setting for your high school senior portraits. From the laid-back vibe of Daniel Island to the bustling streets of downtown Charleston, and the serene beaches of Isle of Palms, there’s a spot that resonates with every senior’s personality.

Imagine starting your session in the cozy streets of Daniel Island, surrounded by lush greenery and quaint architecture. Then, move on to downtown Charleston, where historic buildings and colorful homes provide an urban backdrop full of character and charm.

For those who love the beach, Isle of Palms offers a picturesque setting with sandy shores and stunning ocean views. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed beach vibe or a more polished urban look, we’ll tailor your session to reflect your unique style and preferences.

And why choose just one location when you can explore multiple settings? With Stephanie Selby Photography, you have the flexibility to mix and match locations and outfits to create a diverse portfolio of senior portraits that truly represent who you are.

So, as you embark on this exciting journey towards graduation, let us help you capture the memories that will last a lifetime! Follow along for more updates and sneak peeks on Instagram

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